The curtains have been part of every household for centuries but now the tide has been shifted towards blinds. There are many reasons for it. One of the curtains are a high maintenance item and they are also expensive. The curtains are but difficult to operate instead of blinds. The curtain also needs regular cleaning and washing of curtains is not easy. This is the main reason that especially in offices, the blinds have nearly replaced curtains. The same trend is going in homes also.

The blinds offer different types of sizes and variety, in terms of their make. This makes them a convenient choice for different types of rooms. Blinds can be made from different materials, so it means that you can choose any of your choices to match your room ambience. The popular types of blinds that are in common use are;

Venetian Blinds:

The name suggests that these blinds origin from Venice but they are originally started in Persia. The Venetian blinds are the most common blind and can be said as the most used style in blinds.  The Venetian blinds in Sydney have the signature look of horizontal slats usually two-inches wide, stacked. All slats are connected by cords or strips of fabric. The cord is used to rotate the slats or move the blinds.  Previously, the Venetian blinds were made of wood but now they are available in other material like plastic, fabric etc. The Venetian blind looks best on narrow windows, so they are best for kitchens, bedrooms or children room.

Vertical Blinds

The vertical blind also has slats but in vertical order. They can be said as the vertical counterpart of classic Venetian blinds. They are usually made of fabric or plastic, as they are used for large windows. So, the wooden slates will not be working properly for bigger sizes. But metals like aluminium are used to make vertical blinds, as when aluminium will be connected to track, on which the slats are hanged, they are easy to operate. The slats are moved or rotated with the help of the cord. The cord may be made of thread or can be a combination of different material like plastic, metal etc.

Mini Blinds

They are same as Venetian blinds but their slats are thinner like 1 inch or lesser. They are used for small windows and usually, slats are made of light metals. People use mini blinds for the windows that are not that significant but still can be utilized for lighting purpose.  The mechanism of mini blinds is same as Venetian blinds but they are smaller in size, so they are easy to maintain.

There are many innovations in blinds in the last two decades. Now there are smart blinds that can be controlled with the help of a smartphone. It means that you can control the movement of your blind without any effort. All this convenience is increasing the popularity of blinds in our daily lives. See this post to find out more details.