Wedding is the only event which equally loved and celebrated all across the world. No matter which religion do you follow or which customs do you have but you definitely have one common ceremony among all religions and customs which is a wedding ceremony. It is one of the most auspicious events for the wedding couple as well as for their respective families. Not only two people but two families come together for their loved ones and form a one big happy family. Some people want their wedding ceremony to be an intimate one while other wants it to be a lavish one but one thing which is a necessity in every wedding ceremony is wedding car. So much of an importance is given to wedding cars because it is the vehicle on which the groom will take her bride away so it must be special one. Obviously, you cannot buy a classic or expensive car just for a day so you can rent it instead. In this article, we will be discussing about the different types of classic wedding cars available for hire.

Charter buses:

We are all well aware with the fact that vehicles are made to transport people and their belongings from one place to another. This transportation can be within a country or outside a country as well. There are different types of vehicles which differ due to various reasons like their composition, their structure, etc. Now, we cannot buy a vehicle every time we need a specific vehicle but we can hire it instead like door to door airport transfers. Let us take an example of the charter buses. Charters buses are the kind of vehicles which are rented by a specific company or a person for some special occasion or event. There are corporate charter buses, wedding charter buses, sports charter buses and so on. These buses are quite huge and extremely comforting to travel in.

Different types of classic wedding cars available for hire:

Classic wedding cars are the most important aspect of every wedding ceremony because it is the vehicle in which the groom will take his soon to be wife with him. There are many different types of classic wedding cars Gold Coast which are available for hire. There is this Hilda classic Daimler limousine which is a vintage car that is extremely comforting and a perfect ride for your wedding ceremony. Then there is 1928 graham Paige limousine which is master piece for the ones who love old classic cars. This car is surely going to win your bride’s heart and going to make the wedding event even more special. Classic 1960 jaguar, classic Mercedes and rolls Royce are some other such classic wedding cars which can be hired. 


Wedding cars play an integral role in every wedding ceremony. There are different types of classic wedding cars which can be rented or hired form the different places. One such place is “Tic tac tours” that lets you hire the best classic wedding cars.