One of the most potent and effective transportation mean is the use of low loaders in WA. On the basis of the presence of low flooring surface in these loaders, one can definitely think of such transporters as the best lifting support for heavy loads. Loaders are not only an optimum equipment transport category but also maintain the safety of the goods being carried. Such long term service for transportation is a positive sign for the businesses that demands quick and regular shipping.

Types of low loaders for transportation

Low heighted loaders are trailers that have their flooring platform much lower than the conventional loaders being used before. These low loaders are mainly employed for shipping and transportation purposes. Most commonly loaded products on such loaders consists of plant, machinery products, slabs and building materials, concrete, marble and construction components, vehicles, agricultural and industrial devices etc. Low loaders are prominently use in road works, mining, excavation, harvesting, forestry and crushing activities. These loaders are hired or contracted through different shipping organization for a 24 hour service or even long.

Low loaders are available in multiple types differing in their performance ability and load carrying capacity. These comprise on different axles, rim, goosenecks, steel rods, aluminium alloys and ramps. Some of these trailers are mention below

  • Normal type or traditional loader
  • Heavy duty type
  • Dual lane axles
  • Detachable loaders
  • Extendable loaders

On the basis of ramps included in them, low loaders are divided into mechanical and hydraulic ramp containing loaders. Mechanical one is cheaper and easier to process. It has a spring which lifts the loader on its right side and in hydraulic loader trailers hydraulic cylinder is fixed primarily involved in loading.

Equipment transport

Equipment lifting and servicing is as an important task. It must be done perfectly without nay abnormalities. It is always observed that most object mishandlings arise at the time of loading, unloading and transport. Therefore, after product preparation and dispatch, equipment transport is the most necessary parameter that ensures complete material safety and survival at the designated location. Good transportation facilities reduce risk liabilities and increase the safety measurements. Equipment transport is conducted between different workplaces, in storage areas and among loading docks. There are many possible traditional and rational ways employed for transportation of heavy loads like cranes, conveyors, industrial trucks and wagons and it can also be done manually.

Equipment transport responsibility is given to special agencies that own transportation vehicles like loaders, cranes, trucks etc. They are bound to provide the best safe and secure travel facility to their clients, relying on them with their product shipping. The client must inspect the loading trailers before the equipment transport arrival to confirm the condition of its components especially the vulnerable or faulty parts.


Low loaders are nowadays, the most widely used transportation vehicle. They have the ability to lift and carry heavy loads from different workplaces due to its low level flooring bed. Therefore, loaders are one of the ideal choices for equipment transport in shipping industries.