A wonderful movie, TV show, or game in a nice home theatre pulls a family together like nothing else. Suddenly, your house is a cool place, and everyone wants to spend a wet Saturday night at home.

What’s the good news? There are a plethora of options available, ranging from lucrative home theatre systems that can easily fit in the extra bedroom but still wow you. When you factor in all of the connectivity options, your home theatre becomes a happy investment.

So how do you choose the right home theatre system in sydney for yourself? Follow these tips for guidance:

Consider the size of the room

Before you begin, think about the room in which you’ll be constructing your home theatre, as this will impact the equipment you select.

Will your home theatre be in a room where you have control over the ambient light, or will it be in a common room with lots of windows and other lights? If at all possible, construct your home cinema in a space where all sources of light can be quickly eliminated. If you are unable to do so, the sort of display you should purchase will be affected.

What is the size of your home theatre going to be? Will it fit into one of your spare bedrooms, or will it take up the entire basement? Make a decision accordingly.

What type of speakers do you want?

In order to give a good audio performance, the speakers are very important. Although some home theatre sets include bookshelf speakers, others include floor-standing speakers. 5.1 channel or 7.1 channel speakers are commonly seen in home theatre systems. A subwoofer reproduces low frequencies, and satellite speakers for the front, centre, and rear channel speakers are located here. You can place the audio visual speakers on the floor or mount the four satellite speakers in each corner of the room in your home theatre setup.

Don’t neglect your budget

It’s easy to get overboard with a home theatre system. These systems are often thought to be pricey since they have at least five speakers and, in some cases, a subwoofer. However, because of recent technological advancements, you can obtain an excellent home theatre system for as low as $100, such as this Logitech Z506. If you have the means, go ahead and spend a little more. The real increases in quality happen around the $400 mark, and spending more money gets you much better sound.

Consider the connection

Another important thing to consider is the audio visual connection.

What more devices would you like to connect to your system? Or do you simply wish to listen to the sound from your television? Are you looking to hook up a Blu-ray player? Or your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone? Check the system’s connection to your television as well. HDMI ARC is used by many soundbars, thus your TV must support it.