Any sensible nature-loving person will never think of removing the tree. But as we have humans have created our societies by cutting of the forest and even, we can’t live in any area where there are no trees, as that will also make the land barren and infertile.

The land without trees will start getting dry and within a short period, it will not be suitable for human life even. This is the reason that even if people are making new cities if concrete but they are trying to plant trees in it.

But in the case of communities that were built on the jungle or surrounded by them, trees are also the permanent member of the society.

Many local authorities don’t allow resident if areas to cut off the trees without approval. Even if someone wants to remove the tree, they need to justify their action that how that tree is affecting their daily life or is it a safety hazard. At many instances, the tree removal is the only option available otherwise its presence can be damaging for people. There is some certain scenario where perfect tree removal should be carried out

 Animal or insects: in many areas, trees are grown adjacent to houses and their branches even touch the structure. There may be chances that many rodents, snakes or even monkeys can easily enter your house through windows. This situation can be dangerous for any household. The homeowner needs to ensure that their perimeter should be well cleared off so that no animal can sneak in. 

 Kids Safety: Sometimes you have trees on your premises and you also have small kids. The kids can be notorious or ambitious that they start climbing the tree or learn to climb it. This can be a chance that kids may fall while climbing and it is not possible to control such action when they are playing outdoor. It is better to remove such trees from your premises because falling from trees can cause serious injuries or even death

 Property damage: this is the prime reason that compels people to remove the tree. Sometimes the size of tree grows in such proportion that in case of strong winds, it can fall on your house, family or car. Even the growth of branches can be scattered and dispersed that it can damage your property. In this case, the action must be taken quickly because any harsh climate tends to damage the tree, that can result in damaging property or people.

 Regardless of all these points, always try to find a way to accommodate the tree instead of removing it. You can opt to tree pruning in Sydney that will trim the branches and help to reduce the size of the tree. As a human, we should always try to keep our companion healthy and close to our lives.