B & R storage system is one the renowned supplier of Australia, they supply every type of shelves and in every type of material whether it is steel or wooden they supply their product in all over Melbourne and they have the best team if you purchase any product from them or order something they send their team along with the order to fix it and this is why this company is leading because of their customer services.

Customer services 

If any company providing the best customer services that the company always raises high because we all want fine customer service and that thing always attract a customer. If you make an order and you want to deliver it on the same day if the product is available according to your measurement company try to dispatch your order on the same day because they value the customers need.

Heavy-duty shelving 

Shelves are always ideal for storing a things bur if you want to be creative you can keep the shelves in your lounge according to the theme of your lounge and keep little pots and photo frame their it looks elegant and give great look and if you want shelves for your warehouse or your office then you need to buy heavy-duty shelves from the B & R storage system because they make shelves in the steel material as well.

Old stuff

If you have old shelves which condition is great and you want to sell it then B & R storage system is the best option for it because they have a policy of accepting the old stuff and if you want to buy brownbuilt shelving in exchange of your old stuff you can do this as well. They also keep the second-hand stuff for the interested people because second-hand stuff cost less than the new one so some people need heavy duty shelving but they cannot afford a new one so they go for the second-hand stuff which half of the cost of the new one.


Extra storage is always in need for a person who owns a warehouse raised floor systems and heavy-duty shelving are always his priority so if you live in Melbourne and looking for any suppliers who can make the raised floor system for you then you should contact to the B & R storage system because they have the best team who do the installation free of cost if you purchase any of product from them and if you want to remove any of your heavy-duty shelving you can also call them because they provide the services of relocation.