Photos are the memorable part of our life, these are the main source of our memory regarding our loved once, are important day, are joyful moment, and many more.  

Photo’s are the best mean to memorize our moments, there are many ways to capture photo or preserve them. Photo blocks is the best thing to store our photos. Acrylic Mounting is brand of Australia that are master in photo preserving ideas, the best idea to store them in the form of blocks.  

Acrylic Mounting is one of the best Australian, acrylic picture provider and acrylic holder. We supply an enormous scope of picture takers, retail outlets, corporate organizations and now we offer direct to the overall population with the least cost ensured Acrylic Mounting facilitates us with many blocking services: 

Acrylic photo frames: 
Essentially, acrylic photograph squares are one of a kind options in contrast to conventional photograph outlines. Made of completely clear, 1-inch thick acrylic, they’re ideal for showing your photographs in an enjoyment way and will stand up individually on any level surface. 

Picture frames: 
They are provided with different number of frames with their different sizes. 

Blocks for photos/Photo Boxes: 
It is one of the many types of the acrylic family. It facilitates custom photo boxes with best quality and reasonable pricin. 

Different acrylic frameless frames and panel are available. 

Offer us with different products: 

Acrylic Mounting Panels 
Acrylic Mounting Blocks 
Acrylic Frames 
Acrylic Mounting Transparent 
Acrylic Mounting Standoff 
Specials & Packages 
Other Acrylic Services 

Reasonable Prices: 

Photographers have different prices. 
Large frame has different ranges prices: Frames, face mounting, printing and a complete range of acrylic photo framing products. 
Wholesale prices available. 

Which ACRYLIC is the best framing: 

Acrylic is more afforable than glass. It additionally is progressively strong, which makes it perfect for outlines requested on the web.  
Glass is heavier and progressively delicate, yet a few people favour it for the stylish, or on the grounds that it’s less vulnerable to scratching. It can even now break effectively, however.  
UV assurance is the best thing to protect the casing from uv light. 
Clear completion is ideal if it’s all the same to you glare, plan to put your casing in a spot where glare wouldn’t be an issue or have dynamic hues in your craft.  
Non-Glare would relax the hues in your craftsmanship, so on the off chance that you have a high contrast print and plan to drape it in a spot where light may hit it, it may be ideal.