Colours play a vital role in life. Every person has different choice of colour. For flooring Mr. Timber floors gives a wide range of colours that is suitable with your home or suitable with your nature.  Sometime colours effects on human nature if someone is sad or happy the colour that surrounds you will effects on your mood.  If someone has a soft nature then she or she should choose a soft colour or id someone has strong or emotional then he or she chooses the same.

While choosing the flooring colour there is wide range of colours in engineered floor, flooring display in Melbourne and oak flooring.

Colours and flooring type:

Laminate flooring has the following colour.

Light gray colour:

Gray colour is a soft colour and can easily grab attention of every person that enters in home.

Oak beige colour:

A sandy yellow colour is also look amazing.

White varnished oak:

A shiny white oak colour is a good choice for a perfect home.

Light Gray varnished oak:

This colour is also good for not just home but for offices.

Natural varnished oak:

A natural white varnished oak is good for those people who love their home or office.

Blackbutt plank:

A  Beautiful and amazing colour for natural look.

Vintage Oak natural:

Its elegant colour for office and home.

Spotted gum plank, Merbau plank and new castle oak dark is also a good choice for increasing the home value.

Engineered oak flooring:

Mr. Timber floors offers six amazing colours in engineered oak flooring that have:


Easy to clean quality it amazing colour.


A dark brown natural looking colour is good for not just home but also office.


 A beautiful colour in an easy to install range.

Merbau, spotted gum and Sydney blue gum is also offered in engineered oak flooring in just a reasonable and in value added price.

Oak timber floor:

Its offers a wide range of flooring that is:

Pearl white:

A colour that is soft and easy to attention grabber.

Elephant skin:

That is a natural looking wood floor.


A double tone colour a perfect choice.


Perfect for all floors.

Sandbar, eastern grey, rustic white, lava chalked slate, slate, washed khaki, sandbar, hazelnut, driftwood, cabana brown, vintage  brown, urban grey, old eastern grey, artic oak,  jade grey are easily available colour in Timber floors. Visit for laminate floors in Melbourne.

In the given colour we can easily find out that every colour is unique and up to date with the need of time. One more that is notable is that they colour that are offered is evergreen and be used for a long-lasting time. If you want that the floor and home give you a good amount on selling or if you think want that your saving will not spoil on changing the floor then you should try that offer or colour and it will surely make your life comfortable and easy.