Cleaning is a crucial processing to be done. Without cleaning and doing the necessary sanitization the human can’t survive a healthy living. It’s a common issue that most of the companies and hospitals fail at hiring the permanent cleaning staff. They leave sometimes because of the work load. We at phoenix industrial got your back for all such problems. We provide our customers the best possible professional cleaning services in Sydney where and when required.

The school cleaning job:

The schools suffer a lot when it comes to the uncleansed class rooms and hall ways. We deal with the expertise of our cleaners who ensure the best possible cleaning.

The cleaning process:

Inspection: The very first step in the cleaning process is the inspection that would give a clear point of view the amount of cleaning and sanitization a place needs. To what extent the sterilization is needed for a place to be in a condition to make it look like renovated.

Sweeping and flushing:  Fist stage is sweeping and flushing that in other words you can say as tidying up the place. The floors the doors if possible. Once the sweeping is one than the floors are cleaned like it was before but this time a cleaned clear view of the place, this process is known as flushing, like flushing the water out.

Washing: Washing in a process in which water filled with detergent and anti-bacterial agents and whiteners is used to wash and clean the place first to take care of the dirt and necessary marking or stains food or other stuff leave on the ground. These anti-bacterial and detergents are so functioning that a clear place is left behind once done like it was just designed and cleared today for the very first time.

Rinsing: Once washing is done with, the whole place is rinsed to remove the remaining salts and detergents residue if any to clear the place furthermore. This processes is just done to be on the safe side so that the detergent doesn’t leave any smell or decomposes the place in future as salts are responsible for most of the damages.

Sanitizing: The nonhazardous anti-bacterial used in this process of sanitization act as a cherry on top. The place is not just clean and clear from dirt but also from the bacteria once the process of sanitization is complete. . These anti-bacterial are also filled with beautiful and soothing smells to leave a pleasant mark in the end.

Air dry: Cleaning of just the place is not the end, the air the environment of the place is also as important as the place itself. The air is also purified using the same materials but this time instead of liquid the products used are air sprays and other stuff that would not leave marks on the walls and door once done with the whole process.